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A community club steeped in tradition and a home for some of the greatest rugby legends.


We at St. Mary’s College RFC are committed to creating and maintaining the safest, fairest and most supportive environment for the children and youth who play in our club. We acknowledge the right of all our members, young players and leaders, to enjoy participating in the sport of Rugby in a secure environment. Bullying of any kind is unacceptable at our club where we celebrate inclusivity. We support the efforts of the IRFU in ensuring that our club provides a safe environment, that our players are supported on and off the pitch, and that we give a voice to those who need one.

We acknowledge the need to establish quality procedures and to continually update and review these procedures to ensure that we meet with legislative requirements and our own club standards.
We achieve this by:

Adhering to our governing bodies Child Welfare policy (see: IRFU Child Welfare Policy Document:
Providing parents and children with the opportunity to voice any concerns that they may have.

Ensuring that all Coaches and Development staff are Garda Vetted and have signed the IRFU Declaration of Intent.

Responding swiftly and appropriately to protect the welfare of children who participate in our sport within our club.

Reviewing our club procedures and policies on an ongoing basis and with input from parents, players and club officials.

We have established club policies that address concerns around the area of safeguarding, child protection and the appropriate use of Social Media. We have a dedicated Club Welfare Officer (CWO) who can be contacted on telephone number 086 078 7789 or by email at If you as a parent and/or friend of the club have any concerns or suspect any form of bullying please talk to your coach or contact our Club Welfare Officer Pearl Healy at any time.

IRFU – Child Safeguarding Statement (Click Here)