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St Mary’s Coll J1VLansdowne

St Mary’s College RFC J1 V Lansdowne FC

22                                  0

Metro League 2.

Saturday 18th January 2020.


Four tries, a winning bonus point and an entertaining game.  There is much in that to applaud.  However, there were some aspects that require remedial action.  The game was spattered with errors; some, basic handling errors. These errors meant that at least three other tries may well have been added. To play and really enjoy rugby, the basics of the game must be mastered and practised regularly. This is entirely up to the players, (at all levels) who must spend the time, fine tuning these element of their skills.  That said, the tackling, and defence generally, was good, as the scoreboard indicates. There was no dearth of hard work and indeed team work. And the overall success must be cheered.

The scrummaging was mainly good.  There were some lineout problems although Liam Corcoran and Liam Curran were masterful in the air, with both carrying and tackling well. The rucking was strong and in the loose, Paudge Dundon was using his power to good avail, clearing and carrying.

The backline moved well, although dropped balls and ill-judged passing caused missed opportunities. Alex Dix, who has been impressive this season, particularly, with the ball, was unfortunately injured before half time.  The skipper, Mattie Timmons, and both wingers took their scores well, with Tim Dolan running particularly strongly.

The bench was used judiciously and all contributed to the cause, Conor Corcoran added a try to his contribution.

There is something cohesive and admirable about this group.  They have an esprit de corps that emanates from them; happy players and happy coaches/managers.  They even had the celebrated “Mick the Medium” happy to act as bagman today.

A player, not with them today, was Jesse Lee, who has been a stalwart and a leader.  He has had to return to New Zealand.  While here, not only has he contributed handsomely on the field of play, but in his workplace, where he heroically saved a man’s life. We hope he will be back; and thank you Jesse.


The first half was fairly evenly contested, with both teams making efforts to run the ball when presented.  It was 19 minutes when flying Mathew Opperman on the left wing,  leapt into the air to catch a long looped pass, he went for the line, was tackled short of it, he got up straight away, stepped a player and as he crossed was tackled by another player but got it down in the cabbage patch corner. 5-0.

The score remained as such until half time.

The second half saw the tempo rise and the home team grow in confidence and strength. However, it was 55 minutes before Tim Dolan who had made good ground on a few occasions earlier in the game, took a ball on his right wing and using pace and power he weaved through three defenders to score in Carvill corner.  After a sustained pick and drive assault, Mattie Timmons took a nice, line left to right against the grain, and went over close in. he converted his own try 17-0. It was 70 minutes when another sustained barrage on the Lansdowne line, Conor Corcoran took the ball on, to cross for a try, unconverted. 22-0.Result.

Revenge for the home team after an unlucky defeat to the same team earlier in the season.

St Marys are now on 36 points with 10 games played, second behind Old Wesley on 41 points, but with nine games played, so moving well, but some way to go. Keep at it, keep together and keep entertaining.

D O’Brien.


15 A Dix, 14 T Dolan, 13 M Talbot, 12 M Timmons (Capt), 11 M Opperman, 10 B Watson, 9 B Hoey, 8 D Lyons, 7 S Heeran, 6 A Mooney, 5 L Corcoran, 4 L Curran, 3 P Dundon, 2 S Healy, 1 N McEniff.   J Coolican, G Potts T McMahon C O’Meara, C Corcoran. C Kavanagh