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Travelling with Minors

Travelling with Minors Procedure:

It is our intention at St. Mary’s College RFC to safeguard all minors within our club and to support our coaching team. As such, we require the following steps to be taken ahead of any travel undertaken in the club with any players under the age of 18 years. This process must be started immediately once a trip has been approved. It applies to both domestic and international travel:

Step One: CWO to be notified in writing of planned trip Pearl Healy 0860787789 or Email Here

Step Two: CWO to meet with Manager/Coaches involved in the trip to review itinerary

Step Three: CWO to verify up to date Garda Vetting Status and IRFU Declaration of Intent Status of all adults travelling with the group. CWO to review all IRFU and Club welfare Policies with this group

Step Four: For any trips involving Overnight stays – Briefing Session to be held in the club for all minors, parents and coaches attended by CWO

Step Five: All Communication channels to be approved and monitored by the Social Media Co-Ordinator

For additional information or support please contact CWO Pearl Healy 0860787789 or Email Here