J1 XV v Lansdowne (H) 12.03.2017 by D. O'Brien

St Mary’s College RFC J 1 V Lansdowne FC J1
10                                              29
J1 Metro League 1,
Templeville Road
12th March 2017.
This is about spirit, camaraderie and club loyalty, more so even than the rugby and certainly more than the result. Gareth Roche, Steve Bradshaw and John Bainbridge found that they had only a skeleton of a J1 team to face high flying Lansdowne today.   They also knew that were they to default, the entire St Marys’ junior rugby system would suffer a domino effect punishment.  With U20s, and J2s also playing at the same time, it was a forlorn hope to put a little flesh on that old skeleton. They spent their time with the help of Director of Rugby, Alan Shirley and Aaron Hudson, scouring the club for players of any shape!!.  How they did it is hard to realise, but they did.  From the J4/5s, from all the junior ranks and even from retired players.  They filled a team.
The hardest part seemed over? you must be joking, those players many of whom were not only out of their league, but out of condition and in the case of a number of them out of position.  Almost all the backline was composed of forward players.  One was previously a back, and a back of great substance [if he can still remember back] that was our club physiotherapist, and former senior wing, centre and outhalf, Davy (Dougal) Lyons.  He togged out at Ten, and he was magnificent, brave and composed and he contributed skilfully.  What a great Marys Man. 
Serving him, David Daly from J4s, playing at scrumhalf, he looked very comfortable and did a great job. Craig Morrin, a while since he played answered the call nobly. Lucas Moran, another from the lower ranks who stood up and was counted; and counting we thought we all would be.  However, the scores were almost level at half time and not only did this supposed raggle-taggle team not get annihilated but scored a superb try, nearing the end and were pressing.  It was a great sight to see Neilo rampaging down the field.  The determined team approach and unselfish effort was wonderful to see and admire. 
This is what clubs are about.  All involved deserve praise in the highest order and we should look at the names below and say well done to all. A good day for club rugby.
D O’Brien
Team including replacements.
15: Tom Keogan, 14: Ethan Conroy, 13: Craig Morrin, 12: Mark Joyce 11: James Clarke 10: David Lyons  9: David Daly, 8: Daragh Keller, 7: Stephen Obrien, 6: Stephen Ardill, 5: Rory McPhillips, 4: Colin MacDonnell, 3: Ross Gillen, 2: Lucas Moran 1: Cathal Ryan. 17 Neil Murphy, 18 Morgan Mooney.