1930-1950 - The War Years

During the happy tenure there, the club won many junior cups and learned the best side-steps in Dublin rugby, through avoiding the sheep and cattle dung (the pitches being also leased for grazing farm animals).  Also in that period, the club regained senior status in 1941 and later a young Matt Gilsenan, who still plays an active role in the club, led his side to win the inaugural Moran Cup (J3s) in 1949; he later brought the senior team, of which he was then captain, on the first ever club tour to Italy in 1954. 

He later became a distinguished president of the club, was a club trustee from the age of 25 until recently; was the club archivist and is greatly admired.  Others still active, to make their mark during that period were Paddy Bolger, later treasurer of Leinster Branch, (following GK Boyd), president of the Leinster Branch and treasurer of IRFU, Bill Fagan, John O’Donoghue, Vincent Mc Govern and Joe Fanagan, all of whom with Paddy Branagan, Ernest Farrell and Jimmy Ganter, moved mountains to move the club, by fund raising etc. with eventually success.