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The James Maguire Archive Photo Archive

Welcome to a truly memorable experience. Here is a simple way to find photographs of teams and personalities associated with the club from the 1900s to the present day. You can view them on-screen or you can print them off right now.

This archive includes photos by James Maguire (1948-1998), but also includes team photos since 1900, post 1998 and miscellaneous team and other photos e.g. Lions Photos

Club Archivist: Robin Bailey


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   St. Mary s College R.F.C.<br /><br />Trophy: n/a<br /><br />President: Frank Reddy<br /><br />Captain: Dermot Moloughney  St. Mary s College R.F.C.<br /><br />Trophy: n/a<br /><br />President: Frank Reddy<br /><br />Captain: Donal Mullan<br /><br />Coach: Jack Sheerin<br /><br />Players: Back Row: J Sheerin, N Kenny, C Ryan, B Mc Bride, A N Other, D Molloughney, E O Dwyer, T Houlihan, F Hickie, Front Row: S Lynch, A N Other, A N Other, D Mullan, B Cotter, T Kerins, C Lawson.  St. Mary s College R.F.C.<br /><br />Trophy: n/a<br /><br />President: Lorcan Gogan<br /><br />Captain: Ken Sparrow<br /><br />Players: Back Row: P Demery, G Duffy, D O Donovan, S Gray, D Mullan, B Whelan, J Widger. Front Row: W Murray, D Tallon, K Sparrow, J Fanagan, D Hickie, J Kilmurray  St. Mary s College R.F.C.<br /><br />Trophy: n/a<br /><br />Captain: W Bynre<br /><br />Players: Back Row: T Houlihan, D Gilsenan, M Heffron, P Kearney, G Moloney, D Power, J Norton, N Woodcock, Front Row: M Lynch, S Finley,R Bailey, W Bynre, G Saab, D Nagle, M Jones.  St. Mary s College R.F.C.<br /><br />Trophy: Leinster Senior Cup<br /><br />President: Bill Meehan<br /><br />Captain: Dermot Moloughney<br /><br />Coach: Ned Carmody  St. Mary s R.F.C.<br /><br />Trophy: Leinster Senior Cup<br /><br />President: W. Meehan<br /><br />Captain: S. Lynch<br /><br />Coach: E. Carmody<br /><br />Players: Front Row: E. Carmody, A. Bryne, T. McCormick, J. Cagney, D. Byrne, J.B. Sweeney, G. Glendon, D. Mullan, S. Cooke, T. Deering, W. Meehan<br />Middle Row: D. Moloughney, N. Kenny, D. Hickie, S. Lynch, A. Andreucetti, S. Finlay, K. Corrigan<br />Front Row: J.  St. Mary s R.F.C.<br /><br />Trophy: Metropolitan Cup (J1)<br /><br />President: P. Bolger<br /><br />Captain: G. Hook<br /><br />Coach: V. McGovern<br /><br />Players: Back Row: P. Bolger, R. Foley, G. Fanning, C. Ryan, J. Murray, M. Rigney, T. McCormack, V. McGovern<br />Middle Row: G. O Hagan, D. Jennings, A. Andrucetti, G. Hook, M. Jones, C. Connaill, F. Meehan<br />Front Row: E. Mullan, J Kinaham  St. Mary s R.F.C.<br /><br />Trophy: Leinster Senior Cup<br /><br />President: P. Bolger<br /><br />Captain: J. Moloney<br /><br />Coach: V. McGovern<br /><br />Players: Back Row: V. McGovern, K. Corrigan, F. Dowling, N. Kenny, D. Hickie, J.B. Sweeney, D. Byrne, R. Foley, T. McCormick, P. Bolger<br />Front Row: A. Andreucetti, A. Byrne, E. Wigglesworth, J. Moloney, F. Meehan, P. Andreucetti, C. Sweeney  St. Mary s R.F.C.<br /><br />Trophy: J. B. Roche Cup<br /><br />President: P. Bolger<br /><br />Captain: J. B. Sweeney<br /><br />Coach: E. Carmody<br /><br />Mananger: S. O Byrne<br /><br />Players: Back Row: A. Hickie, D. Jennings, D. Hickie, D. Byrne, R. Foley, T. McCormick, C. Ryan, K. Corrigan, P. Andreucetti<br />Front Row: A. Byrne, N. Kenny, S. Lynch, J.B. Sweeney, A. Andreucetti, F. Meehan, J. Maloney











 St. Mary s College R.F.C.<br />
<br />
Trophy: O’Connell Cup (J2)<br />
<br />
President: Austin Norton<br />
<br />
Captain: N. Woodcock<br />
<br />
Coach: W. Gray<br />
<br />
Mananger: Fr. Walter Kennedy<br />
<br />
Players: Back Row: Rev. W. Kennedy, D. Moloughney, C. Ryan, C. Shanley, R. Foley, P. O Reilly, S. Finlay, W. Gray<br />
Middle Row: A. Costello, R. Bailey, E. Mullan, N. Woodcock, C. Mullaney, R. O Reilly, M. Maguire<br />
Front Row: G. Reynolds, P. Shaffrey  St. Mary s R.F.C.<br />
<br />
Trophy: Centenary Club Championship of Ireland<br />
<br />
President: J. O Donohue<br />
<br />
Captain: T. Young<br />
<br />
Coach: E. Carmody<br />
<br />
Mananger: T. Brooder<br />
<br />
Players: Back Row: E. Carmody, T. Feighery, T. McCormick, E. Mullan, J.B. Sweeney, T. Grace, M Glynn, J. Donnellon, D. Hickie, A. Hickie, T. Brooder<br />
Middle Row: S. Lynch, H. Murphy, L. Naughton, J. O Donohue, T. Young, J. Moloney, F. Kennedy, L. Grissing  St. Mary s R.F.C.<br />
<br />
Trophy: O’Connor Cup (J5)<br />
<br />
President: M. Gilsenan<br />
<br />
Captain: F. O Rourke<br />
<br />
Coach: D. White<br />
<br />
Players: Back Row: D. White, P. Kearney, C. Murray, D. Scanlon, D. Nevin, F. O Dea, S. O Doherty, V. O Gorman, K. Andreas, M.Gilsenan<br />
Front Row: G. Carroll, W. Byrne, R. O Donohue, F. O Rourke, S. Brennan, B. Spring, P. Donnelly  St. Mary s College R.F.C.<br />
<br />
Description: Russian Tour - 1977<br />
<br />
Trophy: n/a<br />
<br />
President: Tim Brooder<br />
<br />
Captain: Mick Glynn<br />
<br />
Mananger: Nicky Corrigan<br />
<br />
Players: Back Row: A Byrne, F O Dea, A Delaney, R O Donnell, E Wigglesworth, M Graham. Middle Row: G Delaney, P Mc Crann, J Donnellan, T Grace, M Glynn, D Fanning, J B Sweeney, T Mc Cormack, T Young. Front Row: F Kennedy, D Deering, N Corrigan, J Moloney, T Broode        St. Mary s College R.F.C.<br />
<br />
Trophy: n/a<br />
<br />
President: Vincent Mc Govern<br />
<br />
Captain: Declan Fanning<br />
<br />
Coach: Rodney O Donnell<br />
<br />
Players: R O Donnell, J Moloney,N O Dea, J O Connor, P Mc Artin, P O Reilly, F O Dea, S Deering, F Kennedy, Middle Row: A Byrne, D Howard, P Dean, D Fanning, V Mc Govern, P Andeucetti, R Sloan, L Naughton, Front Row: W Ryan, P Shaffrey, T Kennedy, D Early    
























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